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Pump'Skin fields


The Farm-Conservatory

The seeds that create the Pump'Skin formula are sown in France! Indeed, pumpkins are grown on the land of the Sainte Marthe Sologne Farm-Conservatory, an organic seed grower since 1974 and European pilot center for Organic Agriculture.


Farm-Conservatory Sainte Marthe Sologne

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Philippe Desbrosses is the creator of the Ferme-Conservatoire Sainte Marthe Sologne . This doctor in environmental sciences is at the origin of the birth of the organic movement as well as the certification of the “AB” label.

Philippe Desbrosses


Dr. ERAUD x Philippe Desbrosses - Champs PumpSKin - Dance - DSC_4458.jpg

"The history of this farm dates back to the Middle Ages and beyond, and big names have passed through the emblematic forest that surrounds it, the forest of Bruadan. Caesar in the 4th century to stifle revolutionary aspirations; then Francis I and Leonardo da Vinci, who drew up the plans for the Château de Chambord there... In this farm, we find ourselves at the crossroads of History, and I have sometimes found fabulous objects while picking my apples there. earthen !


From the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, including the purchase of the farm by my grandparents at the beginning of the last century and its transmission to my parents and then to myself, it is a place that has known life and which perpetuates it with the same spirit of rebellion!

When I was young, I spent about ten years through showbiz; working on the farm, like for many young people of the time, hardly appealed to me.

It was when my parents decided, as true pioneers, to convert to organic farming that my interest in the issue took a leap. After a few internships and training in organic, I embarked on the adventure and now I find myself, almost 50 years later, at the origin of the birth of organic movements as well as the certification of the “AB” label .

What motivated my journey was simply that I wondered how our ancestors managed to farm without this arsenal of chemicals. The answer quickly appeared: with hardy varieties!

Debrosses x Eraud - DSC_4491 ok.png

However, while looking for them, I realized that they had almost all disappeared! I had to order some in the United States from Native American associations in California and Arizona mainly. I started growing them, then traveling to fairs and shows, and following a publication in a newspaper, I had bags and bags of mail from people asking for seeds! From there was born the Catalog of Sainte Marthe, and the rest followed..."

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