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Dr. Eraud



A general practitioner practicing in Paris, Dr. Eraud specialized in acupuncture, phytotherapy and nutrition since the end of her studies. His father, Doctor Henri Eraud, created the first union of acupuncturist doctors in France in the 1950s. It was during her 6th year of medicine that he asked her to attend the start of the year presentation by teachers from the French Acupuncture Association. The same evening of this presentation, she registered. A passion is born!

She immediately feels that this “natural” medicine will fill a void: everything she had been taught up until then was fascinating but without comprehensiveness! We then talk to him about the TAO, the yin which is in the yang, and vice versa... everything is connected! It is explained to him that the void is not nothingness but that it is filled with another form of energy; we have just given her the keys to a field that she will never stop exploring. Out of passion and conviction, she consumes and recommends products which she is certain do not represent any danger or risk to human health.

Dr. Eraud is a whirlwind of intellectual daring and therapeutic achievements. She is avant-garde in everything she does to live her medical and ecological passion.

“For us to be healthy, the planet must be healthy too.”

Dr. Dominique Eraud - Founder of Pump'Skin



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She created, with whistleblowers in the health field, the National Medical Health and Environment Coordination (CNMSE). With his colleagues, they were part of the campaigns against the H1N1 vaccine, bisphenol A, shale gas… The CNMSE is a founding member of the Environment Health Network with WWF, Future Generations and the Youth Appeal.

Dr. Eraud is part of the Pierre Rabhi Foundation and she is president of Solidarité Homéopathie Paris , an NGO made up of doctors who voluntarily treat the poor in France and abroad, solely through homeopathy, acupuncture and phytotherapy. and osteopathy. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Hahnemann Dispensary in Paris and of the GETCOP (Evaluation Group for Personalized Complementary Therapies).

A committed woman


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Long-time friends and early defenders of sustainable development, Dr. Eraud and Philippe Desbrosses (Co-founder of the AB label) created “green intelligence” in 1999 to defend ancient varieties. They developed the Pump'Skin range with pumpkins grown and selected in the Sainte Marthe Sologne Farm-Conservatory .

They created this range of treatments following a most astonishing discovery: “the women and men who harvested pumpkin seeds at the Ferme-Conservatoire Sainte Marthe Sologne had soft hands and superb skin” explains Dr. Eraud.

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