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French made

Dr. Eraud has created and signed his collection of authentic, caring cosmetics, aware of environmental issues and 100% certified organic with ingredients guaranteed to be of French origin.

She is categorical: "The exceptional cosmetic and nutritional virtues of organic pumpkin ensure cellular regeneration, pump your immune system, reduce certain skin spots, slow down aging... Pump'Skin is a true therapeutic cosmetic and a bath of youth combining French tradition and modernity.

The seeds that create the Pump'Skin formula are sown in France! Indeed, pumpkins are grown on the land of the Sainte Marthe Sologne Farm-Conservatory, an organic seed grower since 1974 and European pilot center for Organic Agriculture.

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Since our creation, our top priority has been to offer consumers products of the best possible quality, meeting the highest performance and fair standards.

This global approach involves all of our employees for each of the products we manufacture.

To achieve this, four points are essential:

- a culture shared at all levels by all our employees;

- raw materials and packaging of the highest quality;

- an excellent production process;

- fair prices throughout the value chain, from the remuneration of our partner farmers to the price offered to the end user.

Pump'Skin quality and fairness

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